Woodbrooke-Mingana Symposium: The Psalms of David from Christian Scripture to Islamic Sermon

Having heard my paper “A Muslim Rewriting of Psalm 2” at the Society of Biblical Literature in 2007, David Thomas kindly invited me to the 2009 Woodbrooke-Mingana Symposium in Birmingham, where I made my first attempt at a comprehensive survey of a small and curious body of Islamic literature that purports to present the original “Psalms of David,” rewritten by Muslims authors in a Qur’anic style:

David R. Vishanoff. “An Imagined Book Gets a New Text: The Psalms of David from Christian Scripture to Islamic Sermon.” Sixth Woodbrooke-Mingana Symposium on Arab Christianity and Islam, Birmingham, UK, September 18, 2009.

I will not post the presentation here, since it has been entirely superseded by subsequent publications, especially my article “An Imagined Book Gets a New Text: Psalms of the Muslim David.

Islamic Law: A Long Work in Progress

This essay explains the slow but certain adaptation of Islamic law to a general audience:

David R. Vishanoff. “Islamic Law: A Long Work in Progress.” The Army Chaplaincy, Winter-Spring 2009, 65-68.

This article was originally accessible on the public websites of the Chief of Chaplains (http://www.chapnet.army.mil) and the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS) (http://www.usachcs.army.mil/TACarchive/TAC/tac.htm), but as of 2017 these web sites no longer exist and The Army Chaplaincy no longer appears to be in publication or available online, so I am making a pdf of the article available here.